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How to Not Be Tired in the Morning – 8 Hacks You Can Try

January 13, 2023

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If you wake up feeling sluggish and exhausted, even after a full night of quality sleep, it can ruin your entire day before it gets started.

Rather than just rely on caffeine to boost your energy levels, which can leave you feeling anxious and jittery, consider trying something new that can help defeat morning grogginess. You need real solutions rather than temporary fixes that will only get you through an hour or so before you crash again.

Getting better sleep can help, but if you want to learn how not to be tired in the morning, this guide is for you! These eight tips and tricks for your morning routine are just what you need if you’re ready to banish morning fatigue and take on the day feeling energized, motivated, and prepared to crush your goals!

8 Hacks for Fighting Morning Tiredness & Fatigue

1. Stop Hitting the Snooze Button!

Even though it’s tempting, you must stop hitting snooze when your alarm goes off in the morning.

Repeatedly waking up and then falling asleep actually disrupts your sleep cycle. Your body will likely fall back into REM sleep when you wake up due to an external stimulus, like an alarm clock. When the alarm goes off again, you might wake up part way through a REM sleep cycle rather than at its natural conclusion.

Doing so can leave you groggy, confused, and like you didn’t sleep. This entire concept is known as sleep inertia, which the National Library of Medicine explains nicely.

Skip the snooze button and force yourself to get up right away to limit your sleep inertia and maintain a good sleep pattern. While it might suck in the short term, you’ll be more energized throughout the day.

2. Splash Your Face with Cold Water

Young man rinsing his face with water in bathroom sink

Splashing your face with cold water as soon as you wake up can shock your system and help your mind and body wake up. The sudden temperature change can help kick the grogginess before it can set in and ruin your entire day.

For best results, hop right in the shower and start things off with a blast of cold water. However, if you prefer to eat breakfast before you shower, a good splash of cold water can really help!

3. Cut the Sugar in the Morning

Avoid sugary foods in the morning and drop sugar from your morning coffee or tea. Sugary breakfast foods, like pastries, cereals, and breakfast bars, can cause a blood-sugar spike that will end up doing more harm than good when you eventually crash.

Even seemingly healthy items, like a glass of orange juice, can be packed with sugar. Do yourself a favor and read the nutrition labels. Stick to whole foods rather than processed, sugar-filled foods and drinks that will only cause you to crash.

4. Have a Glass of Water

Man pouring water into glass from clear pitcher

You lose plenty of water in the night as you sleep. As you breathe, water is exhaled and lost in the form of water vapor. You also lose water through sweat. If you don’t replenish the water you lose throughout the night, you can end up experiencing mild dehydration. 

Sleep expert Dr. Abhinav Singh has an informative breakdown of the relationship between hydration and fatigue available through The Sleep Foundation.

Some of the most recognizable signs of dehydration are lethargy, mental fog, and mood swings. Sound familiar? Drink water! Sometimes a few glasses of water can wake you up even more than a cup of coffee!

5. Get Moving When You Wake Up

Moving your body will help get your blood flowing, which is one of the most natural ways to wake your mind and body up in the morning and prevent daytime sleepiness.

While working out in the morning is a great way to kickstart your day, you don’t even have to go that far. Even just adding a quick stretching routine, a brisk walk, or a few jumping jacks to your morning routine can do the trick.

Reactivating your muscles and increasing your heart rate will cause your brain to release energy-stimulating endorphins, which can help wake you up and chase away morning grogginess. 

For more information, Scientific American has an informative breakdown of Why We Think Clearly & Feel More Awake After Exercising.

6. Go Outside

Fresh air and sunlight can help you wake up by increasing your serotonin levels. Even drinking your morning coffee on the porch, opening a window, or taking your pooch out can make a big difference.

7. Get Your Stress Levels Under Control

If you feel exhausted all the time, even after waking up from a full night’s rest, you could suffer from abnormally high stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety don’t just put your mind under significant mental strain; they can also take a physical toll on your body. Addressing your stress can help alleviate this drain on your sleep quality and energy levels, so you can wake up feeling more energized and far less fatigued.

8. Use the Right Supplements and Nootropics 

If you want to take things to the next level and kick your mornings off right, adding natural and beneficial supplements and nootropics to a healthy and balanced diet can make a massive difference.

If you’re ready to feel more alert, awake, and fired up to take on the day, All Night Energy Booster is the perfect supplement blend. It tops your body up with the nutrients it needs to wake up and function at its best.


You can also help maximize your mental abilities and ensure that you wake up a cut above the rest by taking a daily nootropic in the morning. A great option is Top Gun, which contains all-natural ingredients that can help recharge your brain.

The tools are there for you to boost energy levels, feel more alert, and wake up feeling your best. It’s up to you to man up and start seizing each day!

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