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Common Causes of Low Energy in Men – And What Should You Do 

December 1, 2022

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Have you ever encountered a difficult day and lacked the motivation to accomplish anything? This is a common experience, so probably most of you said yes. However, it is not normal to experience such low energy levels all the time.

Men who experience consistent low energy levels are not the same as those who experience weariness after an intense workout. Even the simplest chore might seem difficult when you have low energy. You won't be able to endure this degree of energy loss no matter how much coffee you drink. Persistent low energy is frequently brought on by health or lifestyle concerns. Some causes are specific to males.

Below are some causes of low energy levels and how to overcome them.

1. Low Testosterone Levels

The hormone testosterone promotes healthy body metabolism and energy levels. Red blood cells need to transfer oxygen to tissues and other cells to generate energy inside them from the mitochondria, which is why testosterone is crucial. Additionally, testosterone plays a vital role in synthesizing the thyroid hormone, which controls your metabolic reaction.

Obtaining greater energy is one of the main justifications for males taking testosterone replacement therapy. Males often report testosterone increased their sex drive, vigor, muscular strength, and overall well-being.

After age 30, the testosterone level decreases substantially (about 2% less each year); however, for some men, the decline happens more quickly. Your low levels of energy may result from low testosterone levels, which can also result in a variety of other symptoms, such as:

  • lower libido or reduced sex desire
  • reduced sperm count
  • depression
  • muscle loss
  • erection problems
  • increased body fat
  • lack of concentration

2. Hypothyroidism

When you have hypothyroidism, your thyroid gland doesn't create sufficient thyroid hormone. As a result, your energy level declines when you have hypothyroidism because of the reduced metabolism and insufficient energy.

It is advisable to see a doctor for this issue, depending on your symptoms. It's crucial to receive the appropriate care if you have an underactive thyroid. Natural supplements may not be enough to correct the problem.

3. Inadequate exercise

Many men work jobs requiring them to sit at a desk for hours each day. Too much sitting can contribute to multiple health conditions, including weight gain, diabetes, kidney disease, and heart failure. Not to mention, it isn't good for your mental health either. If you have a low energy level after work, you are unlikely to want to hit the gym.

Not exercising enough, though, can contribute to your low energy. It also leads to muscle weakness and decreased muscle mass, which makes getting physical activity even harder. 

Man sitting at desk holding sore neck

4. Depression

Many men suffer from depression. Both men and women may experience various signs of depression. Men who are depressed could have chronic low energy levels. They may get bored with their jobs and families and other aspects of their lives.

How will you know that you are depressed? Below are the most common and significant symptoms of depression:

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Self-isolation
  • Sleeping difficulties 

The likelihood that males will admit, discuss, and seek psychiatric treatment is lower than women. But you must deal with these feelings by speaking to a loved one or a doctor and getting help.

5. Sleeping Disorders

You may have low energy levels because you don't get enough uninterrupted sleep. Having poor sleeping habits can lead to exhaustion. For instance, when you work during the night and sleep during the day, it messes up your circadian rhythm. Or you may choose not to sleep at all so that you can get things done (or finish that Netflix series you’re currently binge-watching).

Even if you give yourself ample time to sleep, you can still have a sleep disorder that keeps you from getting adequate rest. You might lose out on restful sleep because of sleep apnea and other respiratory diseases that keep you up all night. Moreover, you can also suffer from restless legs syndrome, a sleeping disorder.

What Are the Fixes for Low Energy Levels in Men?

If you struggle with low energy, it doesn't have to be a life sentence. Here’s how you can boost your energy levels and get back to being the man you want to be.

Exercise Regularly

When you are tired, going to the gym might not be the first thing on your mind. However, a good reason to keep moving is that exercise stimulates your body to make more mitochondria, the biological power generator that converts carbohydrates and oxygen into energy. Energy is a function of the number of mitochondria you have.

Physically fit man working out in a weight room

Additionally, exercise helps the flow of oxygen in the body. Your body uses energy more effectively thanks to the additional oxygen, which boosts mitochondrial synthesis. Furthermore, exercise also raises endorphin levels, which can enhance your energy and your mood.


Most people don’t get enough sleep, or enough high-quality sleep. Quality sleep can considerably increase your energy level. That’s why we developed Lights Out, a nighttime supplement to help your body fall asleep faster and deeper. The ingredients in Lights Out, like valerian root, have been clinically studied and improve the longevity of your sleep.


Water is essential for the body's continued fuel. Dehydration will make you feel tired and less energetic. Men can quickly become dehydrated, especially if they are older or highly active.

If it's hot outside or you're exercising, consider carrying a water bottle with you and drinking from it throughout the day.

Have Satisfying Sex

Yes, you heard it here first. Having better sex releases endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety levels. If you are worried about low energy levels and not having enough energy to perform, do not fret. The plant-based Titan supplement heightens weak erections and gives you energy to go well into the night. Pair up Titan with All Night, a natural energy booster for alpha males. All Night contains tyrosine, among other ingredients, to help fight burnout and chronic fatigue.

Final Words 

Low energy can really interfere with everyday living, and the causes of low energy range from physiological to psychological. At Masculen, we care about men and have a wide range of supplements to give you an extra boost. Working toward a healthy lifestyle and taking actionable advice is the best way to unleash the beast within. 

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