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Foreplay Techniques for Men to Please Her in Bed

February 14, 2023

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Far too many men ignore the importance of foreplay. Proper foreplay techniques can generate excitement and anticipation, making sex better for you and your partner. 

It can help prepare both you and your partner for the big event and lead to greater arousal and pleasure. It can also help form a stronger and more intimate emotional connection. Foreplay isn’t just about pleasing her in bed; it can also make sex more enjoyable for you!

So, if you’re ready to have mind blowing sex and want to leave your partner satisfied, it’s time to review some of the best foreplay techniques for men.

Why Is Foreplay Important?

Countless studies and surveys have shown that a small minority of women reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. In fact, one study showed that only 6% of women actually orgasm during intercourse on a regular basis.

What’s missing? Foreplay! Far too many men just skip to the main event without allowing for any sort of buildup.

The truth is sex tends to be a much more emotional experience for women than for men. Foreplay can help build excitement and anticipation, making the entire experience more pleasurable and memorable. Foreplay can also reduce anxiety for both you and your partner, especially if you are sleeping together for the first time.

When you skip out on foreplay, you essentially miss a significant opportunity to improve the entire experience for you and your partner. 

The Best Foreplay Techniques for Men

Now that you know why foreplay is so important, we can highlight some of the best and most effective foreplay techniques you can add to your repertoire.

1. Don’t Ignore the Importance of Kissing and Touching

Man in white dress shirt kissing shirtless woman on neck

It may sound pretty basic, but kissing and touching can help to create a strong emotional connection between you and your partner. As we discussed above, sex tends to be a more emotional experience for women than it does for men. When you create that emotional connection, it can increase sexual arousal, especially for women.

There is also a component of teasing involved in kissing. Will it just be a quick makeout session, or will it lead to something more? This element of mystery and building slowly also helps stir excitement and anticipation, which can be major turn-ons for women. 

2. Slow Things Down

Just like kissing and lightly touching before sex can build excitement and a stronger connection, just slowing things down, in general, can also help build arousal. This tends to be one of the biggest struggles for men, as they just want to get right down to the best part, but it’s a major missed opportunity.

When it comes to sex, building up sexual tension by slowing things down can be a major component of good foreplay. It will help heighten pleasure for your partner, so when actual penetration occurs, it will be far more enjoyable.

Just think of the concept of delayed gratification. You always appreciate something more when you have to wait for it!

3. Communication Is Key

Remember when we said sex is largely an emotional experience for women? You can help to build excitement and a stronger connection by communicating. Asking your partner about their likes and dislikes can be exciting and arousing.

Not only can communication and a bit of dirty talk help build arousal, but it also allows you to discover what your partner wants. This communication can also help break down barriers and make you and your partner less shy.

With that said, too much communication can be a turn-off. Don’t use tired clichés; instead, make things personal.

4. Allow Her to Take the Lead

While some women certainly like it when the man takes the lead, you might be surprised how many women enjoy directing things. Mix things up and let your partner initiate certain aspects of foreplay, as it can be exciting for both of you to take turns.

Encourage your partner to do what she wants; you might be surprised by how she reacts!

5. Start Outside of the Bedroom

Shirtless couple kissing on table in hallway

Sex can get stale if it always occurs in the same location. Even kissing and touching in another room, like the kitchen, can create excitement. This is one of the easiest ways to make ordinary sex a more passionate experience.

If you and your partner have been together for a long time, even renting a hotel for the night and changing the venue can be a foreplay technique. New environments can be exciting, even if it’s just a downtown hotel.

Starting outside the bedroom doesn’t just mean making out in a different room. It can also mean sending a flirty or sexy text during the day to build anticipation hours before seeing each other. Remember, sexual arousal is closely linked to anticipation and excitement, especially for women.

6. Oral Sex Is Important

Oral sex is one of the best ways to pleasure a partner. It can set the tone and build anticipation like nothing else. Be the one to initiate oral sex, and don’t have any expectation that the favor will be returned. This will show your partner that you want to please them, which can set the mood.

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