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Things to Do During Sex – 11 Sex Tips for Men

December 1, 2022

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Not all males have it so simple. Even if they arrive at their first date in an Aston Martin with the comic prowess of Will Ferrell and the body of Channing Tatum, one night of poor sex is all it takes to dim their chances of finding lasting happiness. 

Guys are also much less inclined to exchange sex recommendations with each other than to share golf or grilling advice. How can males develop their sexual abilities? With actionable advice and a knack for not-so-vanilla sex, you can eke out peak performances on and off the pitch.

You might wonder if men have any sex advice on unleashing the beast within. There are plenty of whispers, but here is the kicker – no one has really offered up actionable advice until now. At, we give tips and products to scale your sex life and wow your mates with your skills. With that, here are things to do during sex that will enhance your sexual experience.

1. Give the Nipples Some Attention

Nipples are potent erogenous zones because they are packed full of nerve endings. Reduce the intensity of your thrusts and pay attention to your partner's nipples by lightly licking them up and down in a circle and sucking on them. It will make them crazy and give you a chance to take a breath, leading to better sex for both of you.

2. Use Lube

It's acceptable to use a lubricant to satisfy your woman. Since women get wet, many guys believe that if a woman isn't wet, she isn't into it. That is wrong. Women occasionally find it difficult to become physically aroused while cognitively engaged due to stress, particular times of the month, or fatigue. Keep in mind that using lubricant does not indicate that you are underperforming. Here are great ways to use lube and our advice for introducing lube to the bedroom.

3. Hold Hands

According to Suzannah Weiss, a sex and love therapist, holding hands during an intense sexual experience can increase sexual desire and connection. In addition to being a little bit domineering and kinky, doing so makes them feel close and at ease. As you kiss your partner all over their body, hold their hands. Hold your partner's hands if you're in the spoon position or they're on top. Weiss suggests, "If you're up top, you can pin your partner's hands down above their head."

4. Switch Things Up

You might just be a creature of habit. Perhaps you came across a move you genuinely enjoy. Perhaps there is a sexual position that you seem to favor. Celebrate the things you enjoy doing. However, try not to limit your sexual activity to just that. This is particularly in the setting of a committed relationship when people want novelty. 

Keep your sex life from getting boring. Here’s a little boost if you want to be the man who knows when to rev it up in bed. Spice things up by preparing and talking about deviations from your typical sexual behavior. 

5. Let Her Lead 

Men tend to dominate in the bedroom. Let your partner take the lead without fear. Sometimes letting her take the lead is the secret to having great sex. Allow your partner to initiate sexual pleasure while taking the top position occasionally.

6. Take Your Time Down There

Don't rush oral sex. While going down on your partner, pay attention to other areas of her body. As you're getting to know your lover, tease her. Get the entire area wet rather than just focusing on the clitoris. When there has been some build-up, be firmer, gradually accelerating the pace, and watch for indicators that your spouse wants more or that there is too much stimulation.

7. Be More Vocal During Sex

Making any noise during sexual intercourse is often uncomfortable for many people. They frequently worry that they won't say the right thing or that their spouse will become bored with a strange noise and stop showing interest in them. That is not true. How else will you be able to tell what they like and don't like? Talk dirty to your partner and continuously turn them on; just don’t make the experience a high school recital. 

8. During Foreplay, Avoid Her Genitals for as Long as Possible

During foreplay, start by touching areas other than your partner's genitalia. For instance, if your partner likes to have her neck and shoulders kissed, spend a few minutes lightly breathing on the area behind her ear, over her shoulder, and at the nape of her back where her bra strap typically rests. Beginning very lightly, start by letting your lips and breath do most of the work and only lightly brush her skin.

9. Extend Foreplay

One of the biggest differences between female and male bodies, according to Taoist sexual philosophy, is that sexual energy in women starts in their extremities and needs to be directed toward the genitals. Which is another way of stating that it usually takes ladies a moment to warm up.

Spending a lot of time engaging in foreplay is one of the best methods to enhance your sex life. You'll both have more time to drop into the moment if you prolong foreplay, and you'll both be more likely to experience intense orgasms. To ensure you maintain high octane levels of energy, consider incorporating a booster in your arsenal. You’ll thank us later.

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10. Try Out a More Intimate Position

Several positions encourage intimacy. Missionary, spoon, and lotus positions are ideal because of how the bodies entwine or how eye contact is stressed. Katie Lasson, a clinical sexologist and relationship, intimacy, and sex expert, suggests a position known as oasis. The secret, according to her, is the combination of intense penetration and cradling embraces between partners, which will deepen the romance.

11. Go for the A-spot

There are other forms of orgasms besides vaginal vs. clitoral that your partner deserves. Most men know about clitoral stimulation, but the A-spot is one of the least frequented recreation areas. The anterior fornix, sometimes known as the "A-spot," is a less well-known yet intense pleasure point situated above the cervix and just above the G-spot. The A-spot can produce enhanced lubrication and sexual satisfaction when stimulated. It takes deep entry during penetrative sex to access because it is farther back in the vaginal canal.

Final Thoughts

Sex is more than simply pleasure. It benefits you as well. Oxytocin is produced during orgasm, which elevates your mood. Exercise increases your stamina in bed and enhances your mood. It also tones your body, which boosts your confidence and makes you feel sexier.

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The availability of clinical supplements also helps improve sex life. For extended erections, one can use male enhancement products. A good example is Titan. It heightens weak erections to ensure you never let down in the bedroom. Plus it offers a ton of other health benefits, such as boosting testosterone levels, improving cardiovascular health, and helping you sleep longer –when you get there. Visit for more valuable products and services.

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