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Fatigue Vs. Tired – What Is the Difference & What Can You Do?

January 13, 2023

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Feeling tired is not the same as experiencing fatigue or physical exhaustion. While they may seem like fairly similar feelings, there is a big difference between them. Learning the difference between what it means to feel fatigued vs tiredness is essential, as it is vital to know what you are experiencing so you can treat the underlying causes.

That is where we come in to help. We’ll explain the differences, so you can determine if you are experiencing genuine fatigue or simply bouts of tiredness. From there, we will go over ways to get a grip on the situation by treating the causes.

Learn how to treat the cause and prevent physical fatigue or extreme tiredness. It’s just that simple!

Fatigue vs Tired – What’s the Difference?

You might assume that fatigue is another word for tiredness, so the words are interchangeable. Or, like many, you may assume that fatigue is just a word to describe feeling extra tired after poor sleep.

The truth is fatigue and tiredness are two distinct issues, which also means they must be treated differently.

What Does it Mean to Feel Tired?

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Feeling tired is a temporary sensation that is related to a specific cause. This could be due to a heavy workout, a busy day at work, a late night with buddies, or simply a lack of sleep the night before.

While it can be draining in the moment, you can treat tiredness with a night of good-quality sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Publications on Sleep Health, adult males require between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, with eight hours of undisturbed sleep being the ideal amount for most men.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally feeling tired, especially if you can identify the cause and are willing to correct the issue by getting an appropriate amount of sleep that night. If you are just tired, you should be able to wake up feeling like your normal, energetic self with a full night’s worth of sleep.

What Does it Mean to Experience Fatigue?

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Unlike tiredness, fatigue is a chronic issue you cannot treat just by getting a full night of shut-eye. 

In other words, when you are experiencing fatigue, no matter how much you sleep the night before, you will still wake up feeling exhausted. Not only do you wake up feeling like you didn’t get enough rest, but you will also feel exhausted all day.

This means more than just physical exhaustion; it also means that you regularly wake up with mental fatigue, so simple tasks and mental problems become incredibly difficult. Men suffering from fatigue also feel far less motivated, as it always feels like they don’t have enough energy to do anything.

So, How Do You Know If You're Tired or Fatigued?

One of the most frustrating components of fatigue is that even though you feel exhausted, you still struggle to fall asleep. Even if you do manage to fall asleep, you’ll experience poor quality sleep, meaning you’ll wake up repeatedly throughout the night, toss and turn, and wake up prematurely. When you eventually get out of bed, you will still feel exhausted, even after giving your body more than enough time to rest properly.

On the other hand, if you just feel tired, you shouldn’t experience any issues when you go to bed. You’ll go out like a light switch and sleep like a rock. When you wake up, yesterday’s tiredness should just feel like a memory, as you’ll be energized and ready to go.

As mentioned, fatigue can come with other symptoms, like a lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, physical weakness, increased anxiety and stress, mood swings, and, in extreme cases, ongoing depression.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, which has gone on for more than six months, is a serious issue. This extreme fatigue can lead to many debilitating physical and mental health issues. This is explained in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity - Biomarkers of Chronic Fatigue.

What Can You Do About Tiredness & Fatigue?

Treating Tiredness

Tiredness is fairly easy to treat. Simply get a good night’s rest and see if you wake up energized and refreshed.

If you find that your sleep schedule is a mess and you struggle to get enough high-quality sleep to overcome the previous day’s tiredness, we recommend reading How to Fix My Sleep Schedule – Ways to Reset Your Rest. By taking your sleep seriously, you’ll be able to ensure that you have the energy required to take on each day and seize your goals.

You can also try a sleep supplement if you struggle to fall asleep, wake up too early, or just find that the sleep you get isn’t restful. Lights Out Nighttime Sleep Aid is an excellent option if you’re ready to fall asleep harder, sleep longer, and recharge quicker. 

All-natural ingredients help improve sleep duration and quality, so you can shake off your tiredness and wake up feeling back to your best.

Treating Fatigue

On the other hand, if you suspect that you are suffering from fatigue, you will need to take a more rounded approach to treat the issue.

This can include everything from improving your diet, correcting hydration issues, getting regular exercise to improve physical fitness, addressing your sleep quality, and even speaking with a healthcare provider and undergoing a full checkup to make sure you're not dealing with a sleep disorder, chronic illness, or other medical condition. Fatigue is also regularly linked to ongoing stress and psychological causes, so treating the underlying causes might also be required.

To learn how to treat fatigue, we recommend reading How to Fight Fatigue and Get Your Vitality Back – 5 Best Solutions. This straightforward guide will cover some of the most effective ways to treat your fatigue, so you can get back to feeling like the man you want to be.

While fatigue generally needs to be treated with a more thorough lifestyle and fitness overhaul, you can also consider daily supplements and nootropics designed to increase energy levels and overall vitality.

All Night Energy Booster is a great way to boost your energy, so you can get fired up to treat the root causes of your fatigue. Top Gun Daily Nootropic can provide your body and brain with the natural nutrients it needs to function efficiently and effectively.

Final Words

Don’t just accept sleepiness or chronic tiredness. Identify the root causes of your issue and treat them. Don’t be complacent; you can overcome this and get back to being the best version of yourself!

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