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How to Prepare For Sex – 6 Things Men Must Do Before Having Sex

December 1, 2022

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Perhaps you recently took a lady on a date after a month-long pursuit and late-night chats, and you are ready to move to the next step with your woman. Or maybe you’ve dated your partner for a while and want a refresher for better sex. In either case, there are guidelines to consider before hitting the sheets.

Before jumping into the main act, consider making preparations, mainly because a lack of preparation might cost you and your partner an epic time.

If you want to be prepared for intimacy, think about this one-stop checklist. Here are the seven tips to consider before having sex.

1. Hint at Sex Long Before the Time

People praise spontaneity, but increasing sexual tension well before an epic bedroom encounter is worth it. The hours of anticipation net in crazy payoffs!

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You are probably wondering what hinting at sex before it’s time entails. Well, consider leaving her with a lingering sensual kiss in the morning, a kinky text during the day, and flowers or chocolate when you meet in the evening. An act that indicates sex is lingering on the horizon gives your partner sufficient time to imagine the escapade and warm themselves up for the romantic evening. 

Make a point of winning her heart from the moment you wake up, spice up her moments as the day goes on, and compliment her when you’re together in the evening. Have you ever placed a bet before? If so, the anticipation of winning is the same anticipation she will have of having you.

2. Get Screened for STIs

Getting a full sexually transmitted infection screening before hitting up your date for a fantastic night is important and honorable. Getting screened is good for your sexual health, and neither of you risks exposure during your encounter.

Furthermore, knowing that you are clean and free of infections is a confidence booster in the bedroom. What lady does not fancy or appreciate a confident alpha male during sexual intimacy? 

Of course, being considerate of your partner is of utmost importance. When you respect your partner enough to get screened before a sexual encounter, it earns you the respect you deserve when it finally comes to the hour of reckoning: getting down to business, whether that's vaginal intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, or any other sexual experience.

3. Have Condoms within Arm’s Reach

There is nothing more precious to a lady than practicing safe sex. Not only is it important to her fulfillment, but it is also essential to you. No one wants an itchy willy after some excellent action, right?

As a man, you should consider having condoms ready before the moment to prepare. But, more so, preparing her in advance for using condoms is necessary.

One last thing: think about getting the right condoms. The perfect fit is a must for sexual pleasure. You wouldn’t want to encounter a busted condom when you’re at your peak. Therefore, getting strapped protects you and your partner against infections and builds intimacy through enhanced trust and good sex. 

4. Clean Up – and Do it Well

Cleaning up is not restricted to your house, apartment, or bedroom. It extends to your hygiene. So before you prepare to get frisky, take a cold or hot shower and clean up well

During intimacy, your body will be in direct liaison with your partner, making it imperative to ensure your breath, hair, and body smell nice. Furthermore, you wouldn’t want an encounter with dirty genitals, right? So make sure every part of your body is ready for an epic night. 

5. Consider Your Romantic Turn-Ons

When you anticipate having a great moment with your loved one, it is also essential to put your romantic needs in check before the actual exercise. 

While everyone is attracted to different setups, it is critical to put your needs in motion before meeting your woman. For instance, you can ensure that you put in place all details that stimulate you and your partner. Set up the right playlist, light candles, scent the room, or dim the lights. 

These details can enhance your romantic experience when your lady arrives. So do not ignore what turns you on because it will rock her world.

6. Relax

Multiple research affirms that mindfulness and relaxation help us improve our focus and attention on sexual sensations. When you focus on making sure your and your partner’s sexual sensations are met, it results in more satisfying sex. 

A middle-aged couple having a good time in bed

Consider sufficient rest, meditation, and light activities that enhance your relaxation. In addition, as you shift from your busy work schedule, take time to inhale and exhale slowly to relax your body as you anticipate meeting the lady of your life. This will assist you in relaxing and setting the mood for a romantic night.

Relax, Bro!

But how can you ensure that you have a wonderful moment with your woman after ensuring all these guidelines are in place? It takes courage and responsibility to ensure these guidelines work best for you and your intimate relationship. More so, it takes a great supplement to get you there. One notable supplement is Titan, Masculen’s male enhancement supplement. Consider bringing this product and working with these guidelines to make your romantic night (and your sexual pleasure) epic.

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