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Holly Sonders – The Beauty & Brains Behind Masculen

March 10, 2023

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We all know that intelligent and driven people tend to succeed whenever they enter the business world. These natural leaders can think outside the box, and their relentless drive to succeed helps guide them through the competitive world of business ownership.

When it was first founded, the main aim behind the Masculen brand was to succeed where other supplement companies fell flat. That meant making the highest quality, research-backed supplements to help men achieve their ambitions and allow their bodies to look, feel, and perform their best.

Masculen started with a bold vision, founded by two individuals who know all about success, determination, and standing out from the crown. When world-renowned professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya and former sportscaster Holly Sonders decided to make Masculen a reality, it was only a matter of time until a new type of supplement company would be born.

Ready to learn more about one-half of the team that founded Masculen? It’s time to explain who Holly Sonders is and why she is such a fitting person to be the beauty and brains behind Masculen!

Who Is Holly Sonders?

If you are a fan of professional golf, you have probably come across Holly Sonders in some way or another. She is a former television host and professional sportscaster that gained fame for her extensive work with Fox Sports. While most people know her from her golf coverage and expertise, there is more to this beautiful woman than sports commentary.

The Early Life of Holly Sonders

Holly Sonders was born in Marysville, Ohio, on March 3, 1987. She was raised by a family of die-hard golf enthusiasts, which explains why she began hitting the links very early.

Holly’s passion for golf continued throughout her high school and college years. In fact, by the time she started her studies at Michigan State University, she was talented enough to make the varsity women’s golf team. While representing the Spartans, she also completed a degree in journalism.

After graduation, Holly’s two passions of golf and journalism became intertwined, as she quickly began a career in television as a production assistant at the Golf Channel.

Her wit, determination, and stunning beauty allowed her to rise quickly within the company's ranks. Shortly after her television career started, she became a reporter and host for the network. She was even given her own show on the network called “School of Golf,” which was an immediate success.

The Move to Fox Sports

Shortly after “School of Golf” started growing in popularity and receiving positive reviews amongst golf enthusiasts, Holly Sonders was sought out by some of the biggest professional sports broadcasters in the world.

In 2011, Holly joined Fox Sports to act as a sideline reporter for some of the most important sporting events in the country. She was a reporter, pundit, and host for various sports events, including the US Open, the NFL regular season and playoffs, and even the MLB World Series.

Holly’s Rise to Prominence

While she covered a variety of sporting events, it was her coverage of professional golf that helped her shine. Holly quickly became Fox Sports Network’s most recognizable professional golf contributor. She particularly shone when it came to interviewing some of the top professionals in the sport, partially due to her unique perspective as a passionate golfer.

While working at Fox Sports as a professional golf reporter, she became one of the most recognizable faces in American sports broadcasting. Her unique combination of quick thinking, beauty, and in-depth understanding of the sport she was covering appealed to all types of viewers.

Alongside her golf punditry career, Holly Sonders contributed to several sports publications, including Golf Digest and Sports Illustrated. Holly was even featured in the 2013 edition of Sports Illustrated’s world-famous Swimsuit Issue as a testament to her unique combination of brains and beauty.

Life After Fox Sports

By 2019, Holly Sonders was ready to transition away from her successful career at Fox Sports. After leaving Fox Sports, she became a lead host and reporter for the industry-leading sports betting company Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSiN).

Holly's involvement in professional golf continues to this day, and she has acted as an ambassador and investor for several golf companies.

Today, Sonders is an avid fitness enthusiast and has even competed successfully in numerous fitness competitions. She also has a significant following on social media, with her Instagram and Twitter pages being particularly popular amongst golf fans and fitness enthusiasts.

Holly Sonders continues to advocate for physical fitness and wellness and uses her well-earned platform to encourage others to seize life by living a healthy lifestyle.

Holly Sonders and Masculen

As you can see from her impressive background and story, Holly Sonders has the perfect personality and life experience to be the founder of a leading supplement company.

Alongside retired professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Holly Sonders has what it takes to demand the best supplements for men ready to be at their best. If you are ready to upgrade your mind, body, and overall state of being, know that these two driven founders have your best interest at heart.

Both Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya know what it takes to be successful. They also know the importance of giving your body every advantage possible. Whether you just need help getting a higher quality of sleep and want to try Lights out Nighttime Sleep Aid, or you need a natural boost to your mental alertness with All Night Energy Booster, you will find an effective supplement blend offered by Masculen.

If you are no longer satisfied with an average, boring life, look at the Masculen Supplement & Nootropic Collection and learn why these all-natural supplements can help you achieve your goals and overcome all challenges.

Be like Holly Sonders and Oscar De La Hoya. Demand more from your body, mind, and life.

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